We Provide More Then Just Chiropractic Care!

We offer many other treatments to help relieve pain through more natural and therapeutic means to avoid addictive medications. Click the Treatment below to learn more!

In our office we are equipped to offer massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care.  We are staffed with three highly experienced and talented Licensed Massage therapists.  They are committed to helping each and every patient they see improve their quality of life and reach their goals.


They also have the unique ability to work with the doctors on any case so the patients get a more specialized treatment.  These treatments may include gentle relaxation with a Swedish or Hot Stone massage, a Therapeutic massage after an injury or an auto accident, to promote healing and get them back on track faster to a pain free life.  For the athletes who need to keep their body injury-free and healthy, we provide Sports and Cupping Massages to keep them in the game.


Specialized Pregnancy massages are also offered upon request.

Massage Therapy

Let’s recap. You’ve had back pain for years, you have tried everything, yet your pain persists. You finally come to our happy, loving office. First we adjust your spine, you feel great results. Then you get massage therapy to relax your soreness, maybe laser or spinal decompression, and now you literally feel 10 years younger. Now you want to get active yet your muscles and tissues need to be strengthened.


In our new Therapy Suite, our trained assistants can put ultrasound on your joints, electrical stimulation on your strained tissues, and then finally do rehabilitative exercises on an advanced AMT II machine to heal your inner core tissues and strengthen them. Now you are ready to travel, exercise, lose weight, and enjoy life again. We don’t just fix backs, we restore lives—it is exhilarating to see people joyfully resume activities that they thought they couldn’t do anymore.


That’s why we recently built our new addition. We put our patients first; we bought the laser, decompression table and ATM II but needed more space, so we added on. Many more people can now be served that weren’t getting help before.

Rehab / Physiotherapy

DOT Physicals, Drug and Alcohol Testing

We're excited at this office to let you know that we now offer DOT Physicals if you need to get a CDL license. These exams are offered by our certified medical examiners, Dr. John and Dr. Stacie.


We are available during our regular business hours:

Monday & Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Tuesday & Thursday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Wednesday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


Also for your DOT drug and alcohol needs, Drugalyzer offers these services at the same convenient location. These services can be scheduled by calling 570.454.2474.


Most truck drivers have little free time. They work long hours on the road. Traditionally they would call their family doctor, and have to wait three weeks for an appointment. Then when they get there, they tell me they have to wait three hours! And many times they forget and have to get their CDL license before it expires the next day. So the law of supply and demand comes in.


We offer you a convenient location to I-80 and I-81, we have very accessible hours, we can fit you in the same day you call and you do not have to wait once you are here, that is service at its finest! Our prices are competitive with other facilities and our exams are just as thorough.


In fact, once we see when your next license will expire, we will put that data in our computer and mail you a post card one month in advance to remind you to make an appointment before you get too close to your expiration date.


We love to serve. Come and see for yourself!

Therapeutic Laser

How many doctors would purchase an instrument that would reduce inflammation, scar tissue, and promote the growth of healthy tissue — we did! The laser is the strongest that the federal government allows by law, and that is why it is so expensive. But that is why it gets results when normal physiotherapy doesn’t.


Therapeutic Laser

We have so many people who have irritated joints but they aren’t getting results with the usual routine. They first try anti-inflammatory medication, but that doesn’t always help and that affects their stomach. Some have tried cortisone shots, which may not have helped, some just "wean off", while other patients are leery of the damage it can do to their lives. So we know people are looking for safe, natural options to healing their joint pain. This is where the laser comes in.


It is a bright, warm light which is rubbed directly over the inflamed area usually for eight minutes. The deep heat instantly draws blood, nutrition, and oxygen to the area. Many people feel improvement after one visit, while the more chronic conditions may take 6-12 visits to heal totally. If you haven’t been able to lift your arm above your head in 20 years, and 9 laser treatments would allow you to—would you do it? Many have and are excited by it. Here is where we have seen the best results with the laser:


1. TMJ—chronic cracking in the jaw. The laser is applied to one or both sides of the face to reduce inflammation and heal the damaged cartilage. What a thorough way to heal the area so you can chew normal food and open your mouth wide with no pain.


2. Bursitis—in the shoulder due to calcium deposits or a partially torn rotator cuff. Again, as inflammation
is reduced, more nutrition is brought to the area. On a MRI, partial tears will heal, not total tears, that requires surgery.


3. Tendonitis—of the elbow from golf, tennis, or any repetitive activity. Gone in a few visits.


4. Knee pain—due to arthritis or a partial tear in the meniscus.


5. Plantar fasciatis—pain in the heel that radiates up to the ball of your foot where you can barely walk when you first wake up in the morning. The laser heals it after months of physiotherapy hasn’t or cortisone shots, orthotics or even night boots didn’t help.


6. Trigger Fingers—where your finger locks, instead of surgery.

Mechanical Traction (Decompression)

MRI studies will reveal that 50% of people above 40 will have either a bulged or herniated disc in their lumbar spine. It used to be so frustrating to look at a MRI, see multiple disc damage in a patient’s lower back and even after chiropractic got their spine in place, the pain in their groin or down their leg persisted. We used to refer many patients for epidural shots, which is a cortisone shot that tried to reduce the swelling of the discs. But that had three drawbacks. People were so afraid to get a long needle into their back, the shots didn’t always help, if they did help at first, the benefit would wear off. Along came a beautiful option—spinal decompression.


Once the chiropractor decides the "gravitational pull" on your damaged disc, you are placed either on your stomach or back, the table gently pulls (no pain at all, promise), on either your lumbar or your cervical spine (neck) to gradually allow the bulged or herniated disc material to shift back into place so it can begin to heal. We rarely refer a patient for epidural shots now. We have gotten such great results that many patients have canceled their disc surgeries. Many older people get a "monthly stretch" to gradually undo the pain and tightness they feel in their back from stenosis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease or gravity’s daily compressive damaging effects.

additional treatments and services


Ear Candling

Vitamins and Supplements available

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