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Office cash fee: $40

X-ray: $40

Massage: $40

The average American has 11 pharmaceutical scripts filled per year, we spend more per person on health-care than any country on planet Earth, so you would think we are the healthiest country—right?


Wrong. The World Health Organization ranks America at #52! So remedies from the outside are helpful for emergency traumas, but to be productive mentally, physically, and even emotionally, you must look at health from the inside out.


A chiropractor is the only trained professional that knows how to check your spine and detect for "spinal subluxations". These are when the vertebra in your spine slightly shift due to a fall, bad small habits, or even emotional stress, and it gradually irritates your nerves. Gradually pain occurs, and usually in our culture, people are given pain-killers or physiotherapy, yet the spine is still out of place, and the body continues to malfunction.


How exciting it is when a person says, "I had CAT scans, x-rays, MRI’s, years of pills and therapy, but only after my spine was adjusted did my body heal. And it was so gentle; I should have never put it off for so long".


So we touch your back, see if your legs are unequal in length—which detects if your lower back is misaligned. We may take an x-ray, and then once we realize by looking at your history exactly what parts of your spine are subluxated, we tailor an adjustment just for you. Many chiropractors just "crack" everybody all over, the same way. We take into account your age, your activity level, if you have damaged discs, past surgeries, and your past chiropractic experience. We want to know if you have had a bad past experience where another chiropractor was too rough. First realize—not all chiropractors are the same. If you don’t want your neck "twisted", we won’t. There are other more gentle ways to adjust you.


Let me tell you a secret—many people are afraid on their first visit to see a chiropractor. If you are brand new to chiropractic, it’s an "unknown" and you may have heard horror stories. But we will listen to your questions, take a detailed history, adjust your spine the way that fits you best, and watch and see the MIRACLES happen. So it is the chiropractic adjustment that unlocks your potential to heal. Now let's look at what other services we have added to serve you even more completely.

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